I Need You [ft. Dustin Phelps]

from by Seth Harcrow

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girl you a part of me, what im bout to do you aint never seen
if i didnt take that chance i woulda never known passed up a romance
and still be alone
if its somethin that chu wanna do, dont ever hesitate
if the reason that you fail is fear you'll never learn what it takes
you feel it too, that im all about its evident, im goin home with you
not about the place or the time anywhere we can go its alright
i feel it way deep inside, when your sittin next to me
got a whole lotta feels n its way too real with these other hoes textin me
my minds a race tryna keep up gotta set the pace for the real love
comin on too much or is it not enough got me thinkin like what the fuhhh
hopefully not later than soon i gotta chase after another one too
those pretty eyes will keep me here no compromise all in good time
cuz she wanna know why i say you have to wait
no booty that good that i ever would undermine and recover could ever replace
too many versions of love to explain, a special occasion for you i arranged

A special occassion
Only for you
Girl you've been waitin
For me to come through
There's something about you
And the way that you move
Dont call me a stranger
If you feel it too, you feel it too

romantic is my style, just tryna get wild maybe chill for a while
dont wanna complicate, keep it simple, for the reasons that im tryna make
not about the hate, all about the love, i do it up nothin else i can think of
if everything was easy thered be no point and life would suck
had to many, now i only got one, too hard to keep track and we just begun
let me show you somethin, i've been thinkin of ya', all this time i cant help myself
its the rhythm that you show that lets me know you top shelf
all the other girls wish they were you ,if they knew what we were doin theyd want theyre wish to come true
no need for a second look, one glance at you was all it took, imma dive in from head toe for you i would you already know


from Music To Listen To Alone, released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Seth Harcrow Tulsa, Oklahoma

Making music makes me happy. And hopefully you, too.

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