Dying to Live

from by Seth Harcrow

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and the thoughts keep replaying in my head
from when we were in bed to when i saw you with him
wish i woulda known better to invest my time and love into someone so clever
the color of your eyes, innocence, all a disguise
missin that single life, dont care about nothin at all
worryin bout a girl makes everything and my music seem small
just a distraction anyways too hard to trust now days, what if im the one to blame
emotion is too cray, ill just keep makin these beats, eat, sleep, and repeat
spit a little bit, jam acousti open mic that shit, holdin out for the one which may never come
but content i will be feelin like this is a must in order to be a better me

nobody grows nobody grows, if your livin to die, and dyin to live, yeah

i wont waste my energy bein concerned on what your doin, that fake and plastic can only get you so far till your ruin
id rather not no matter how hot or big n round n juicy that ass might be i know youd screw me
mutha fuckin seduce me till i lose control have you bent over ass up in the air morals out the window
from ya head to your toes, lick you up and down till i get in it, but i cant take anymore, im done consider me finished
cuz that was the last time, that i'll ever be inside, not about that jealousy id rather not die tryna enjoy life
its that good im talkin bout, when you start to grow, challenge yourself to be better instead of the status quo
do what you wanna do n make sure ya respect, it'll come right around back to you or you might be put in check
you dont need no one else all you need is yourself, and the fruit of your labor will say more than your words can tell


from Music To Listen To Alone, released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Seth Harcrow Tulsa, Oklahoma

Making music makes me happy. And hopefully you, too.

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